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Measuring Instruments, Precise Resistors, Current and Voltage Sources

Magnetic Measuring Devices and Instruments

  Current and Voltage Sources and Precise Resistors

  • Hall Probes for measurements of magnetic fields
  • Gaussmeters/Teslameters for measurements of magnetic fields
  • Magnetic Pole Detectors/Identifiers
  • Magnetic Field Viewers
  • Magnetic Fluxmeters for measurements of magnetic flux of
    permanent magnets and electromagnets, magnetic fields
    generated with current etc.

  • DC Current Sources 60A - 120A with accuracy 0.05% - 0.02%
  • AC/DC Current Sources 60A - 120A with Accuracy 0.05% - 0.02%
  • AC/DC Voltage Sources 1000V with Accuracy 0.05%
  • Precise Resistors 50ľohm - 0.1ohm with Accuracy 0.01% - 0.005%
    for measuring current 100A ~ 2000A
  • Application to Measurement of Current and Voltage Sensors, and
    Calibration of Voltage and Current Measuring Systems etc.

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